31 October 2008

Under Construction

Just wanted to post to let you know that my blog, Tending to Details, is being updated and redesigned. In the meantime, I will continue to collect ideas to share with my blog readers in the very near future. Many thanks for reading! Miriam

11 October 2008

Shopping Frenzy in your Closet

A shopping frenzy in your own closet? Imagine that! I've noticed the influx of emails of late with all kinds of private sales, discounts and coupons galore for online and in store shopping. The economy has been hit hard and the stores are hitting their stride for the holiday panic. But that doesn't mean you have to! You may be feeling the urge to browse the racks for something new and exciting but I'll bet you if you look deep enough, you'll find it right under your nose. What is it that Dorothy said, about looking for something you've had all along? If what's in your closet needs refreshing, use your creative right brain and see what you can pull together. Have some slacks cuffed up a few inches and made fresh and new with great boots. Layer some of the tissue tees one over the other and add a thin...or thick cardigan. belt it with a wide or narrow patent belt. Add a great statement pendant and voila! Toss on a plush scarf and awesome gloves in a color to pop the entire outfit and you're ready for the runway. Ok, well, maybe not the runway but take a spin down Chestnut Street and see if ya turn any heads! Take a skirt to your trusted tailor for an update and have the side seams taken in to gain the pencil look. Add a ruffle blouse and a great clutch to match or contrast. Patterned hose and some cool new booties will not break your bank. Try DSW for a pair or two. www.dsw.com Dresses are still in with either printed leg wear and pumps or boots. A wide belt and a swing coat if you have one or blazer with a broach or two can update the dress for fall. Be creative. You can do it! Lay the pieces out on the bed and toss them around until you see something that looks aesthetically pleasing. Then try them on. Pin them yourself to get a more realistic view pre tailoring. The few extra bucks you spend to update some pieces will give them a new life and the appearance of a trendy purchase. Happy Shopping! Miriam

07 October 2008

Love your Breast Health

Just a gentle reminder...for all the women reading, please be sure that you schedule your mammogram. With this being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, be especially mindful to remember to do your monthly self exams, and after age 40, schedule your mammogram annually. Men you need to encourage the women in your life that you care about to be active in their own health maintenance. While you're at it, once in a while do a check too. Men can also get breast cancer...bet you weren't aware of that, where you? Let's look towards the cure in our lifetime! Donate to your local chapter or visit http://www.komen.org/ Thanks for caring, Miriam

06 October 2008

Haste makes waste...so take your time and make waste useful!

I was recently reading one of my favorite blogs and got to thinking about a question that came up there. Is it better to put your food waste down the disposal drain or in the trash? My husband and I banter about this all the time. I loose interest in my breakfast when I open the trash in the morning to see last nights' dinner staring up at me. He hates forcing mush down the drain. I'm finding that the trash is the winner over the disposal hands down, according to our eco-friendly blog. The amount of water used to wash the ground up food particles down the drain is excessive. Then, once it travels through the system, huge amounts of water are needed to process the waste out of the water at the other end. Placing the waste in the trashcan avoids massive water consumption. During a drought, this can be a valuable piece of knowledge. There is another method, however! Purchase a small countertop composting container and put your food waste to good use. Resource the vitamins and minerals to your gardens, plants and flower pots. If you visit http://www.williamssonoma.com/ or http://www.realgoods.com/ you'll find some excellent prices in products that will easily do the trick for the beginner composter. From a 5.5 quart container at $18 to the ceramic version at $32 and the stainless at $59.99 you can surely find a style that suits your decor. Complete with charcoal filters for odor free composting you have a choice of decorative canisters that will be almost unnoticeable on your countertop. Surprisingly, Target also carries a stainless $59.99 countertop version at http://www.target.com/ or the Nature Mill Pro for under the counter installation. These are significantly more expensive, beginning at $299.99 and the super model at $399.99 designed for small restaurants, offices and large family usage. These composters have vacation settings and the capacity to compost 120 pounds of food waste per month. It has a continuous process function that mixes every 4 hours and ready for composting every two weeks. This is perfect for the avid gardener. These larger canisters can be installed indoors or out! I am just loving this idea and think it's high time I participated! My mother used to compost for her garden but we had to hike out to the back of our couple of acres, usually at night after dinner and dump behind the shed, who knows what lurked back there? I guess I lived to tell about it but I still think I prefer the indoor countertop option. Much more manageable and at a task level that I feel confident I can handle! Try it and let me know your success rate! Good luck going green! Miriam

02 October 2008

Please vote for Equilibrium Design at Startup Nation

Hi friends! Just a plea to help a small home based business! Equilibrium Design and Consulting was submitted for the 100 best home based business ideas on http://www.startupnation.com/ I'd love it if you'd visit this site and cast a vote for Equilibrium Design. This site promotes home based entrepreneurs and brings great exposure to potential clients. Just visit the site and click on the phrase "See Contestants" at the top. Then look to the left and click on "browse and vote for contestants". Look under "Most Innovative". If you look to the right you can click on the listings alphabetically. Click on D-F and Equilibrium is on page 7...I know, you have to dig...but it's worth it! Please click on the photo and cast your vote. And if you've got extra time on your hands, go back each day until Oct. 31st and vote again! I will be forever indebted! Well, actually, I'd just really appreciate your support! While there visit the sites of all of the other interesting ideas out there and check out what they have to offer! Let's help support the local business owners instead of the multimillion dollar conglomerates. Many thanks, Miriam