01 April 2013

Getting sorted through the junk

So, in a past column for the Daily Local I wrote about some great options for doing a good spring cleaning at your home. To recap a bit, some familiar and usual methods are filling trash bags and cans until you can fill no more. Renting a large dumpster, that really doesn’t serve anyone unless they are doing a big, big job, such as a kitchen redo. Also the 1-800-Junk guys are a decent option, but again, it’s costly so you’d best have a lot of junk to cart away.
One option I stumbled upon recently was the Bagster. Purchased at Home Depot for $29.99 it is a woven, biodegradable bag 8’x4’x2’. It sits on the driveway for you to fill to the brim, then once filled all you have to do is call a 1-800 number and a truck will come and remove it for a fee of  approximately $130. I think this is just right for me and I can’t wait to get started.

But somehow…I can’t seem to get started. I’m trying to figure out why. It’s something I’ve wanted and needed to do for quite a while. We have lived in our home for 15 yrs. And we have raised our boys here. Granted we have spent a lot of time sorting through items as the years have progressed and the kids have grown. We don’t keep every single item ever purchased. Still, however, there does seem to be a lot that we just aren’t making use of. 

I have donated, consigned and re purposed to death and back…but again, there is still an awful lot that goes unused. Would I prefer to see it go to a good home and find a use, of course I would. A yard sale would be the perfect solution. We seem to faithfully miss the township yard sale every single fall due to one obligation or another. So that was never the perfect option. I would need a solid week of full days with nothing else to focus on but this in order to host my own and my life just doesn’t enable me to dedicated seven straight days to just one task. So, therefore, the Bagster is my friend.
I am hoping that whatever is in my way will get out sooner than later. I know it will be difficult tossing out perfectly good and useful items that I’ve saved a very long time, or that just might have some sentimentality attached to it but today is the day those angsts will be tossed out the  window. Today, April 1, I am starting the task of room by room digging out and throwing out. Check back with me in a few and see how I’m doing! And as always, thanks for Reading! Miriam

01 February 2013

As I said before...

As I mentioned a short month ago, time waits for no one! And yes, another month has flown by, hasn't it? I am going to recognize the month of February, the month of love, by blogging in red! I hope it makes your day! Tee-hee!
What I did want to say, however, is how quickly time does pass, in the blink of an eye another month behind us. And I wonder, were you as productive this month in getting your life organized for a new year as you wished to be? I am trying to sort that thought out for myself.

My life has changed dramatically in the past few months on many fronts, Jan. 1 being yet another shift that I didn't realize was going to make the impact on my week that it did. It's all good but sheesh...had I thought this through more precisely I may have handled things a little better.

There is a balance needed each day as days roll into weeks which roll into months and before we know it we've stumbled along haphazardly and really not accomplished much at all. Being a task master is not what I'm talking about but having a schematic and a set of goals, whether large or small, does help us utilize our time more wisely.

I don't have a staff...I am the staff...with a couple extra helping hands on occasion so I am going to look back at the first month of 2013 and re-evaluate and see where I might tweak things a bit. Both for efficiency and for use of time. I want to be sure I am accomplishing tasks, being present for those in my life that need me and also allotting a few moments for self rejuvenation.

With the first day of the new month falling on a Friday I think it's a great day to set those goals and implement them over the next couple of days so I can hit the ground running on Monday.  Write and let me know what you might be doing to juggle your busy life! And as always, thanks for reading! Miriam

12 January 2013

Time Waits for Not Even I!

I enjoy journaling and documenting and the last time I lost an entire year of such was the year my third child was born, two years to the day of my middle son's birth. The next time I picked up their journals to write I realized I had lost 12 precious months.

I seem to have done the same thing here, interestingly enough! And what a doozie these past 12 months have been, but be that as it may...I'm back!

I am going to make a very concerted effort to keep myself more organized in 2013 and hope to share thoughts, ideas and organizational tips with you monthly.

If there are any topics you have an interest in, please share with me and I will be happy to explore them with you.

I have some new ideas for Equilibrium and I am anxious to turn a new page in the book of evolution as it pertains to EDC.

Happy New Year one and all. Wishing you an organized, creative and put together 2013!