14 March 2011

Take a Staycation....and chillax!

Winter always seems to dilly dally and after my first late winter excursion to warmth a handful of years back, I decided I'd never spend the entire winter at home again. Well...we all know the logic of that improbability, life gets so full and time flies and therefore, no rest for the weary. In my Organize This column for February, I pondered the thought of taking a staycation and I am beginning to swear by these little respites. Right about now I can assuredly say I feel a little spoiled! A ski weekend away with my boys followed by a relaxing and somehow equally invigorating weekend in The Big Apple! Certainly a little more expense tied to this getaway but, still, if I cashed out minute by minute, a bargain at any price. There are many deals to be had if you just take a little time and search them out. And oh, how very therapeutic! A great Broadway show at last minute prices, some window shopping at some "only found in NY" boutiques and, of course, an awesome meal at one of my favorite tapas standbys and I had the makings of a great weekend. Our hotel was centrally located and lavish enough to make us feel pampered without breaking the bank. Everyone is working hard to entice guests so the bedding is clean and inviting, the attention to detail is precise and the courteous, attentive staff makes the occasional necessary human interactions pleasant and welcome. I can wander the streets of New York for days simply people watching when all else fails and I have a little time on my hands. Free entertainment! I have yet to locate the naked cowboy...but I'm still looking! Take some time and plan a little getaway of your own. You don't have to go far at all...even the next town over probably has something to offer that you've never experienced. Concentrate on your purpose and intentions. Live in the moment and savor the newness of your surroundings. Take a staycation...and do it soon! And thanks for reading! Miriam http://dailylocal.com/articles/2011/02/27/life/srv0000011019554.txt