16 February 2011

Clutter-Free Closets are soooo....Freeing!

I'm wondering how many of you have already felt the need to tackle this project? And who has been putting it off? The dreaded closet clean up. It's a simple task, really, but somehow we get sweaty palms just thinking about digging in and getting started. I think, mostly, because what is found buried inside can usually lead to another project or two that must now be addressed. There's a snowball effect with closet cleanup because Lord knows what's truly hidden in those dark corners! So let's brave it together, shall we? My closet gets a general tidying up probably every other month, mostly because I can't even step inside if it doesn't. Some closets in the home aren't touched for a year or more, not until junk starts falling on my head when I open the door and I have to slam the door shut before my strategically placed object propels itself back at me. I hate to admit this fact, but it's true. These are the places that need the most attention. Serious attention. Obviously, I'm bordering on hoarding here! Why? What is contained that is so important? Probably not alot. Ask yourself that when your junk drawer or your linen closet overflows. Do you even remember? Empty the contents, sort the items and make sure there's a trash bag at the ready so you don't have to give something a second thought if it's ready for disposal. Has it outlived it's shelf life? Has anyone searched for it in the past year? Do you have three multiples? Do you remember why you put it there in the first place? Can it be recycled, repurposed or is it just plain refuse? Make the decision now and move on. Spring is just around the corner, I know you don't trust this right now as we have inches upon inches of snow covering the ground, but it will be here before we know it and we will turn our attention outside. Take some time over the next couple of weeks to give attention to those areas that aren't generally seen and give them a good sprucing up. Buy some nice scented shelf paper and some rattan baskets and get organized! I know you'll be happy that you did once the task is complete. With all these snow days maybe you can enlist a child or two for some help. Good luck...it's a very cleansing process and I promise you'll feel the ahhhhhhh at completion! Thanks for reading! Miriam Below is the link for Sunday's Organize This on topic. http://dailylocal.com/articles/2011/01/23/life/srv0000010696091.txt

Get Inspired by Your Resolutions!

Getting it all together takes time and a little spunk! Happy New Year one and all! It's 2011, where the time goes, I am not sure. My family and I were just reminiscing about our 2000 celebration and what a short time ago that seems! The only thing my middle son remembers is when the lobster tried to climb out of the lobster pot; a memory he'll not soon forget! So while we stand here in awe of the rapid passing of time I am also in awe of the volume of mementos, memories and downright useless clutter that has accumulated right along with the ticking of the clock. As referenced in my Organize This column this week I used to have a loathing for the new year and the failed resolutions. Now I look at the month of January and its' thirty one days of possibility as a challenge and a goal setting time. I am excited by the opportunities and the long winter days that lend themselves to productivity indoors. Whether it's a home project, an organizational task or researching and planning summer activities, it is a welcome day each day for success and accomplishment. I've decided that chunking up my goals instead of setting one great big seemingly insurmountable "resolution" means more success for me and therefore, more positive vibes for an occasional pat on the back for reaching my goal. Do you have tasks left undone or a wish for yourself that you haven't dedicated the time and energy to? Make a short, doable list. The key is to make it manageable. If you have a houseful of kids and homework, sports, part-time job, etc., don't set the goal of trekking to the top of Mt. Washington just yet. Maybe something more attainable and equally satisfying. Cleaning out the closets, toy chests, car trunk or garage would be a good start. Okay, quite possibly not as personally fulfilling as climbing Mt. Washington but definitely has its satisfaction quota. Move on to tasks with more bang once you get warmed up! I've heard the usual weight loss commitments flying about and I can sense success in the air if there is a dangling carrot and a mission plan. A goal such as a reunion, wedding or graduation will work with an attainable time frame. A thought out course of action and a cheer leading squad in the form of supportive family or friends on your side all help to bring success to a task that may seem daunting and insurmountable. Don't try to go it alone but you can and will be successful with a plan of action and dedication to yourself. Do it for you and nobody else and you will be triumphant! Best wishes and best of luck with your new goals for 2011! Have fun making, breaking and remaking commitments to your goals and don't be hard on yourself if you fall. There's 365 days to get it right! Happy New Year~and good luck! Thanks for reading! Miriam DL: Forging Ahead with Purpose while Welcoming the New Year. http://dailylocal.com/articles/2010/12/26/life/srv0000010373047.txt