17 December 2009

Auld Lang Syne, My Friends!

"May Old Aquaintance Be Forgot...and never called to mind....." We know the tune, but at this juncture in the holiday season, we need to take some time to reconnect, rekindle and renew some old friendships or family connections needing nurturing. The year is closing and a new year is ahead. It seems like just yesterday that we whooped it up as we ushered in the year 2000! The first decade of the 21st century is behind us and we have so much to be grateful for. It's hard to believe how much has transpired over the past ten years and thinking about what is ahead in the next ten is mindboggling. To keep things in perspective, I am spending this holiday with friends and family that mean so much to me. I've cut down on the shoulds and oughta's and I am focusing on their wants and needs. I'm making a short list of goals for the coming year, and I'm keeping it simple so that I can be not only realistic but successful at reaching my goals. This is an excellent time to be making a to-do list for the coming decade. Can't fail here when we give ourselves an entire ten years to accomplish such a list! Of course, by doing this I don't mean to add undue pressure but having goals and maybe even a few dreams isn't so bad. In ten years my children will be grown and I will be an empty nester on a new journey. While my children are still home I am going to focus on nurturing our relationships. They are virtually new people, no longer small children but teens with their own identities, ideas and desires. I sometimes find it difficult to remember they rarely need my daily direction but moreso guidance and encouragement as they make their own decisions and choices. In a few years they will all be out of college and carving their own way which will leave me time to carve mine and I sometimes wonder what my life will be like. We don't have to leave it to chance, we can steer the course ourselves and I am looking forward to where the voyage into the next decade will lead. EDC Weekly Inspiration will be taking a vacation until after the new year to ponder this question, therefore, I will wish you now a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year! See you in 2010!

07 December 2009

Ugg Luv!

Friends, I must confess...I'm a slave to my Uggs! I can't take them off! And I am like you, when I first laid eyes on them I thought to myself, these things are aptly named 'cause they are uggggly!!! I succumbed in private by investing in a pair called Coquette, the lug-soled slipper that gets me through my winter! I pop them on when I fumble out of bed in the morning and they are the first things I run to when I'm home again. Off and on they go day in and day out. I'm never too fatigued to unlace my tall boots for a spin in my uggs! Then I thought, well, do as the Romans' do...and I invested the following fall in a pair of the Classic mid-calf. I love how they look rolled down a bit. And let's face it, they aren't all that attractive but neither are my size 9 feet, so I figured when it comes to comfort, what's the dif? Last year I found myself trudging through New York City quite often in undesireable weather and not feeling urban chic enough for my liking. Ugg came to the rescue once again with a platform wedge style perfect with jeans and slacks, also fully lined with the fabulous shearling fur that keeps the tootsies so toastie on a Big Apple power shopping day. By this time my sons had caught onto my love for Uggs and bestowed me with not one but two pair of the sweet fuzzie thong style for Mom's day. I can now wear my Uggs twelve months a year...although you'll never catch me sportin' 'em with a mini or a swimsuit, sorry! My latest investment was a pair of black cardi's! So versatile with the buttoned up relaxed look, I wear them far too often; ask anyone! After 44 years of dancing on my worn out feet, arthritis strikes too often and comfort is my mantra many days. If you've been a holdout because of fear of following a trend, this trend is one worth succumbing to if you love to pamper your tootsies! Nordstrom carries a wide selection of styles and I'm certain you can find something to suit. They also offer occasional online sales, which is how I justified my cardi's...so keep your eyes open! Drop me an email and let me know if you invest in a pair or two, and tell me which you like best! I don't think I've completed by Uggs wardrobe just yet! Thanks for reading! Miriam