01 December 2010

Create Your Own Special Traditions

Whether you celebrate Chanukah, Kwanza or Christmas, you probably find yourself stretched to the max trying to do it all. This month while I am trying to find a balance as opposed to "doing it all", I have made a decision to make the "all" just what I want it to be, and nothing more. Creating traditions and memories is of utmost importance this year. My oldest went off to college this fall and knowing that he is returning to what is familiar means that I wish to recreate our tried and trues for him. I remember when I returned home after those first few months of adventure, homesickness and responsibility nothing felt better than the comfort of routine, celebration and traditions that I remembered from year to year. Being on this end of those tasks is quite a different story. Getting it all done as perfectly as possible is nearly an impossibility but we all strive for it anyway, don't we? I have been weeding through my holiday "to-do's" and am deciding what will stay and what will maybe have to be postponed for another year. If you are feeling doubly stressed it might just be a good idea to rethink things for yourself and your family and see if you can create a holiday with traditions filled with meaning and less flourish. I have listed a few simples ideas in my column, Organize This. Click on the link below to read this months' edition in the Daily Local News. Consider what is a worthy tradition to continue or what might be a new addition this year. Do you gather the family and make cookies together? Do you enjoy carolling in the neighborhood? Do you wrap your gifts on Christmas eve or maybe open just one special one? How about those traditions that are centuries old and religiously focused? Do your children understand and appreciate their meaning and intent so that they some day will carry on the same traditions with their families? Make a list and add to it each year and see what becomes the favorites. Share your stories and your memories as you recreate! Thanks for reading! Miriam Daily Local News link to Organize This: http://www.dailylocal.com/articles/2010/11/28/life/srv0000010088307.txt