07 July 2009

Godwinks are Worth Noting!

Did you ever experience a Godwink? I do all the time. Sometimes they are few and far between. The other day I had four! Four distinct Godwinks directed to me with clarity. They were all good messages to steer me in the proper direction at the time and made me realize my choices were right for me. I wonder sometimes why I get redirected like that, from what seems to be a higher force or being watching over me. One of my boys was in the car with me when I had my fourth Godwink of the day. He couldn't understand why I was so excited! I had to try to explain to him how by chance it is that we are going down a particular path and something just talks to us, so clear and distinct it is impossible to ignore. I pointed out that I was going to make a particular decision and I was redirected. We don't understand how or why but we definitely attribute these things to a higher power. I do believe in God. I do believe that while I might fumble along day in and day out, that when I'm really screwing up or about to make a choice that will not bring an outcome with a lesson or better result for all, that someone jumps in. Sometimes these lessons are abrupt and create a 180 turn for what seems like no apparent reason. This is a Godwink. I really like when it happens because sometimes I don't even realize that I'm traveling the improper path. Sometimes I'm guided only by emotion or a focused mind wearing a familiar pair of blinders. Two Godwinks on this particular day were created to minimize my overly burdened schedule and keep me on track as opposed to making me late and giving me more stress than I could handle (and believe me, I can handle alot!!). Another was a quick "meeting" with my husband at a traffic light at the intersection of the 202 exit ramp. I paid attention to a beeping horn for once and there he was smiling at me! Luckily, we had a second to communicate a message that I had hoped to give him regarding not forgetting to pick up one of my kids and to grab another so he wasn't alone. When I left the house I was on autopilot towards the baseball fields, which was the wrong way today, so I did a little jog and got back on track....just at the point where I met up with my husband exiting the highway! What an opportunity and a Godwink! They just make my day! I hope God winks at you today and helps you gain clarity, stumble upon a friend that you need to share some special words with or maybe a surprise carpool pops up so you might stay home and pour a glass of wine to catch up with a neighbor who might really need a chat. Write them down and take notice, you will soon realize that maybe it wasn't you but something bigger that helps guide you! Miriam

04 July 2009

Celebrate our Nation!

It's July 4, and on this day 233 years ago our countrys' Independence was solidified for all Americans. Take time today during your picnic, seed spitting contests and firework displays to read our nations' Constitution. I'm sure you have a copy somewhere. It is impressive and inspiring. I have three sons and I make sure that they read and decipher what is implicitly stated therein. Living near Philadelphia we can visit Independence Hall as often as needed to remember. We used to be able to touch the Liberty Bell, now it is a replica but suffices to remind us of our forefathers' commitment to their legacy. Celebrate this great nation that we live in today and every day thereafter. Happy 4th of July America, and to all my friends who support my American Dream! Miriam