25 November 2009

Holiday Uniform....make it simple and chic!

Let's move on here this week to some useful information, shall we? Putting together a sensational outfit for your holiday uniform. Did I say uniform? Yes, I did! I don't always abide by the uniform because I dress according to mood but generally have a small selection that I choose from for holiday set aside anyway. For some people a go-to uniform or two is just the ticket for the hectic schedules they keep with cocktail parties, dinners and holiday events throughout the next couple of months. Very economical too! The color palette these days is so easy to build a small wardrobe around using blacks and grays with pops of colors. Deep purples and plums are all the rage. So are bold colors such as fuchsia, royal blue and emerald greens. Metallics are still showing on the racks big time; silver, gold and copper in metallics, lames and satins! There's so much to chose from! Start with the simple backdrop of a black slack or skirt. Above the knee is a good place to begin with the skirt and grab a couple of pairs of opaques to go with. You can wear a pump, a bootie or a tall boot with this look. Top it with a color, either in a blouse, an embellished or floral ruffle sweater or tee and jacket. Layer strands and strands of beads, pearls and metals and you're good to go. If you need the comfort of a slack there are many cuts seen today. The straight or pencil cut is all the rage but if it's not within your comfort zone don't feel pressured. Anything goes, really. Once piece jumpsuits are back. Can you handle it? Satin, no less! Gorgeous for a holiday party and so chic and comfortable. If this isn't for you, stick with a slack and a terrific flowing white blouse with lots of bling. Scarves and wraps continue to be accent embellishments that add a distinctive look to something simple an do double duty for warmth. Peep toe pumps or a gorgeous satin strappy platform sandal will finish off any outfit and give it a dressy and hip look. There are sales and bargains galore out there. You can pick up some great pieces for less but don't scrimp on your shoes! Standing for a couple of hours in a poorly constructed pair of pumps can do more damage than good if they are killing your feet! When my feet hurt, everything hurts, so shop with longevity in mind with the trendy shoes and don't go over the top trendy, that way you can get more wear per buck and not feel the guilt. Again, strands of pearls, chains and colored stones of all shapes and sizes go. If you're bold pile it on! Make sure you stand in a full length mirror when you dress so you know the balance is right. Even petite women can pull of this look if done right. Add pieces then take off a couple and see what balances your frame the best. Top it all off with a metallic clutch and a stunning black wrap secured with a broach and you've got a uniform! Simple go-to pieces to get you through the next six weeks or so right into the new year. Enjoy the festivities feeling great! Cheers...and thanks for reading! Miriam

09 November 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away....I've personally had enough, if anyone cares!

Rain, Rain, Go Away....and I don't really care if it comes back another day!!! I can't believe how much precipitation has been dumped on our heads this past month! It was a pretty soggy summer too but come on now?! Rain is good. We all know the benefits of what a good soaking can do, and I truly doubt we'll be in a drought situation next spring because our reservoirs have got to be brimming over like an unattended baby pool! I'm just saying, the wet dog, the muddy feet, the frizzy do! I can't take it anymore. I have been hoping for snow...which I really can't seem to tolerate more than a dusting of as of late...just so it's less messy to get around. Too many fall sporting games have been cancelled to ever try to reschedule. I can't remember the last time I washed my car! I mean, ya know, with real soap and all. Grungy liquid from the polluted sky has had to suffice. The only benefit I can see is that I did manage to get a few extra winter chores accomplished at home that I usually wouldn't have tackled until later in the year. My holiday cards are ordered, the kids playroom is sorted and organized and so is my cedar closet. Don't look in my back yard because fall cleanup has yet to be completed although I could probably pull an entire shrub out with my bare hands, the soil is so soft and pliable. My children have benefited a little from the foul weather. Less play outdoors and more time dedicated to studying and reading. What else is there for them to do? When you can get your kids to voluntarily study? Then let it rain! While it does have it's drawbacks, I'll try to remember that after the the rain comes the sun and along with it, renewal. Springtime rains bring new growth, fragrant blossoms and perfect beauty so I'll try not to complain too much. At the pace this fall is going spring is just moments away. However, for now, look indoors and find a couple of things you can chalk off your to-do list! I don't think we've seen the last of it yet! Thanks for reading! Miriam