28 January 2009

Michelle Obama-mania!

I will say that I've read commentary upon commentary regarding Mrs. Obama's wardrobe choices on Inauguration day and I really don't know why everyone feels so entitled to critique. Why does she have to live up to any one's particular standard? Why does she have to outdo Jackie O to make people happy? Why can't she be who she is? I know there are inflamed people because she didn't choose pieces designed by an African American. She did choose her inaugural ensemble from a female designer and her gown for the balls from a 20-something minority male. Doesn't that count for something, folks? Doesn't the fact that she looked comfortable, poised and confident in her own skin say something? Was I loving the fabric of the Toledo piece? Maybe not so much but the look worked. The color was fresh and well intended. The J. Crew green gloves are just like mine in my closet! The Jimmy Choo's, perfect! I loved the casual air the cashmere and jacket tie imparted. Personally, I'm glad to see she wasn't ensconced in a full mink walking down Pennsylvania Avenue...what a field day that would have caused. The one shoulder Wu gown was fresh, clean and I think probably a good example of her personality shining through. Let's all embrace the youth and confidence that Mrs. Obama exuded that historical day to America. I hear tell that she is the Presidents' rock, so if she is solid in who she is, there's a good chance he is too! Leave the microscopes home please, paparazzi and style critiques and let the woman be who she is, we can judge her on that with good intention.

20 January 2009

This is the Day to Do Something

I pledge to do my part. I did not vote for Mr. Obama, soon to be President Obama in a matter of a couple of hours. I see his vision and in my heart hope that we can all come together as a country and pledge to do our part. I pledge to be a better mother, better teacher to my children and a better wife. I pledge to take the time to listen. I pledge to be better at recycling and even more ecoconscious and remind my children to do the same. I pledge to be more active in my community and when I am called to vote I will learn the facts and cast an informed vote to help bring about the change I want to see. I can't wait to see what the next couple of years bring for us all. Here are a few things that you can look into to do your part. * Go to: usa.service.org to learn what you can do to be of service to your community. * Visit www.mlk365.us to continue the goal of service every day not just on Martin Luther King Day. * Take the Presidential Pledge for change with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Visit www.myspace.com/presidentialpledge and join the rest of our country in striving to help make the change. One man cannot make the change, but he can inspire all of us to do something towards that goal. I am inspired and excited for our future! God Bless America! Miriam

09 January 2009

Time to Trim!

Well, there's nothing left to do now but to get busy. The wreath has been tossed, the last cookie has thankfully been eaten so let's regroup. I'm seeing the belts tightening and it's not necessarily due to the holiday treats! It's a pivotal economic time and while we are going to watch an historical event take place on the 20th, I dare say, it's not going to cause things to balance out over night. There are a few things we can do, in the meantime, to work towards getting things in control at home and in our wallets. The holiday splurges will trickle in and need to be addressed. Better to deal with the credit card balance now then later after excessive interest has accumulated. Some things will naturally be slowing down so use this time to pay down the bills and save what you can. Little things at home that help save ready cash for this purpose is to lower the thermostat when you go to work and at night while sleeping. If you don't mind, keep it a tad lower all day and wear a fuzzy fleece pullover, just for a month. See what you can do to drop the heating bills. Along those lines if you leave a room, turn off any unneeded lighting. Teach this to the kids anyway, it's a good habit to follow. Are you paying for a cable service you don't use? Can you discontinue your monthly trips to the wine shop or buy a bottle or two instead of a case? How about the newspaper subscription? Are you reading it every day? Can you read online? Same with a few of your magazines. Wash your clothes in cold water unless extremely soiled. Grocery stores are sending lots of email deals and coupons, so shop smart! Don't take the kids, if you can help it! They'll tend to add another $25-30 to your final bill with things you don't remember placing in your cart! At least mine always managed to do just this when younger! Plan a night out...in! Dig out some board games, some great DVD's you haven't watched in a while or borrow from a neighbor. Open a cookbook and pick a quick and easy family friendly meal, like Sloppy Joe's or a pot pie and have a family candlelit dinner in the dining room. Let one family member serve each course and imagine you're at a fabulous French restaurant. Retire to the family room for popcorn and movies. Dim the lights and grab a blanket. Far more relaxing than the theater and certainly more cost effective. I challenge you to find some creative and effective ways to save a bit and get expenses back on track sooner than you think. Send me some of your own ideas for trimming down, it's interesting to see what priorities aren't maybe so important, isn't it? Good luck, Miriam

01 January 2009

Happy 2009! Let's Get Organized!

Happy New Year one and all! I wish you all a prosperous new year filled with all good things! May your days be organized, stress free and simply beautiful! Here's to a new year filled with new ideas, new plans, gatherings with friends and new memories made! Let's get creative at home and organized in our day to day. I am looking forward to a 2009 filled with many new projects for my clients, new and old. I will continue to provide useful thoughts and ideas to you through this blog, my newsletter and my columns, both online and through the Daily Local News. Come along with me! Find some Equilibrium for yourself in '09! Miriam