06 April 2010

Can Two Negatives Equal a Positive?

I took a lil' spring break from writing myself last week and a very cathartic road trip, back home to NC which included many visits with family and friends of days gone by. It was wonderful, brief as it was, but now I'm back home, nose to the grindstone, feeling a little more solidly grounded in who I am today because of my visit. A couple little catch phrases that have been echoing with me lately are "Ya never know until you try." And "If you need something done, ask a busy mom." Those are two of my favorite quotes as a Mom and I seem to have taken them to heart recently. If anybody knows me you know that the month of September is excruciatingly hectic for me but I can manage to get through it. The second most frantic time is springtime and I seem to have outdone myself this year! I really thought I had learned the word "no" a good handful of years ago after baby number three came along but I guess I'm feeling overly confident as I've learned to master the pace of a frantic schedule and kind of enjoy the invigorating feeling. The problem with the "no" word is it kind of loses it's power after hearing it too many times, I've noticed. How does it work for you? Not that I don't want to participate or be of some use, I do. I always like to help out when needed but I seem to keep forgetting to glance at my crystal ball when I open my mouth and say yes. And really, there is nothing that I've got myself booked solid with that I am dreading, quite the contrary, it's a calendar jam packed full of wonderful events. I just need another month added in there between May and June. Let's call it Blameuary. I have no one to blame but myself. And somehow, while I've sat and puzzled over how I'm going to get it all accomplished, and actually be able to live in the moment and enjoy these wonderful occasions, I've added even more to my plate! By now you've all been eblasted at least once as I overflow with excitement over my latest venture with Stella and Dot. I'm an accessory freak in every way and when I saw this line of incredible jewelry featured in InStyle magazine I sought out a local stylist and signed up. Well...actually, I did think about it for a couple of weeks because I truly just don't think I can cram anything else into the next 14 weeks of my life...but...well, maybe I can. I'm a busy and at time frantically busy Mom with an urge to fulfill a yearning...which right now is for jewels! I'm guessing many of you are just like me. So the point of this little message is do what makes you happy, what inspires you and what makes you feel good about yourself and helping others. Pacing yourself, keeping an organized calendar and all that is more important than ever but making sure you are fulfilling that "something" unexplained for you is the key to the juggling act, I think. Check back with me in say, August to see how I'm holding up. In the meantime, take a glance at www.stelladot.com/miriamsjewelrybox and tell me what you think. Such fun! Thanks for reading! Miriam