06 January 2012

Resolving to NOT Resolve. How's that for ya?

So...how has your new year started off for you so far? To Resolve...or not to resolve...that is the question!! If you have read my Organize This column in the Daily Local for the month of December you know what I'm talking about. If you missed it, because yes, it did, in fact, appear on Christmas day, the link is below. Check it out and let me know your thoughts on the matter to resolve...or not. Heavens knows that we all try really, really hard to jump start our year with good intentions. Some of those good intentions take the form of hard core demands on ourselves, otherwise known as New Years' Resolutions. I ponder whether this is actually necessary or not. I mean, the pressure? And the disappointment. Year after year we set ourselves up for failure. This year I considered trying something different, quite possibly something to help me stay more on track. I have taken the position to not be so hard on myself and let it flow...when inspired I am usually very effective in being successful. When not so inspired, there just might be a good reason and I am going to cut myself a little slack. Self love and sympathy are a good thing and as Scarlet said, "tomorrow's another day!" This does not mean to throw in the towel, no, we are diligent and well intentioned and with a little self-motivation we can be truly successful in whatever we put our minds to. So set yourself some simple, effective and reachable goals and be kind to yourself along the way. If we falter we are strong and resilient and can persevere if we wish. Thanks for reading! Miriam http://dailylocal.com/articles/2011/12/25/life/srv0000016239198.txt

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