15 May 2011

Show Your Garage a Lil' Love

How have you all fared with your garage project? I have been asked by many how mine is coming along and alas, I have the same response. Not very well. Life really doesn't leave alot of room for undesirable tasks such as this, does it? What with the long to do list of other items that get pushed aside in the rat race, who wants to dedicate an entire day to the garage? Or who even has an entire day to dedicate to the garage? I fantasized a "perfect world" scenario when I penned my last Organize This column. So with the garage clean up one of my purposed goals this spring I have delegated small assignments that don't really seem insurmountable on their own but ultimately, once complete, should leave us with a relatively tidy garage...we'll see. This week we tackled the shoe rack, the bike/skateboard/scooter storage area and I believe my husband actually did some organizing of his motorcycle paraphernalia. We are making progress but the ultimate end result will stand for themselves. Slow and steady wins the race as they say and I suppose this approach is better than none. We shall see... Let me know how you are progressing with this task and please, feel free to share any of your good ideas! Thanks for reading! Miriam

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