26 September 2011

Savor the Season...

This month's Daily Local Organize This talked about enjoying the moment, celebrating with those we care about and making sure that we take the appropriate steps to allow this to happen. Simple. Get off the George Jetson treadmill for just an evening or two and relinquish your to-do list for another day. Enjoy the season of celebration! Toast the graduate, cheer the newlyweds and help them create a lasting memory of their special day. We've attended many a wedding and commemorated many a graduation but for the recipient, it's their only graduation, their first wedding day and we want to be just as present and participatory as they are! Have a wonderful June and celebrate heartily with those you love! Thanks for reading! Miriam http://dailylocal.com/articles/2011/05/29/life/srv0000011829890.txt

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